Limited edition chocs SS15

We have been busy in the kitchen lately, squeezing our creative juices to bring you a whole slew of new chocolate flavours. Mixing, blending, whisking, zesting, testing and tasting our way through many recipes to bring you this ultimate collection for Spring/Summer 2015.

It would be my pleasure to introduce them to you.

Muscovado Vanilla Fudge

Draped in dark chocolate and decorated with a wave, this fudge is made with deep, dark muscovado sugar and real vanilla beans. It’s forgivingly soft but has a little grit for you to get your teeth into.

Jasmine Tea

Dark chocolate ganache infused with premium jasmine tea, and dipped in dark chocolate. A pale green swirl on the top finishes the piece.


A dark ganache infused with the fresh, bright flavour of lemongrass. It is dipped in dark chocolate and decorated with yellow cocoa butter speckles.


This ganache is something special – made using caramelised white chocolate and white shiro miso, it brings a little ‘umami’ to the collection. It’s salty and sweet and caramelly all at once. It’s dipped in a not-very-sweet white chocolate and decorated with a snakeskin pattern lightly brushed with golden lustre.


This ganache is made from dark chocolate and our very own homemade ruby grapefruit marmalade. There are tiny slivers of peel hidden inside for texture variation. It is dipped by hand in dark Madagascan chocolate and decorated with orange zest crumbs.

PB Crunch

Doubly crunchy, this peanut praline benefits from pieces of roasted peanut and crispy feuilletine wafers. It is enrobed in milk chocolate and garnished with Maldon sea salt for good measure.

You can get your hands on a box containing these very limited edition chocolates here. Enjoy!

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Lucky cats, matcha and passion

I’ve been busy working away in the kitchen this summer, scheming, devising and developing a clutch of new products. I am proud to introduce you to them:

Lucky Fortune Cats
These came to me in a dream. No, really. And then I woke up and decided that I needed to make them a reality. They are so much fun I just couldn’t resist!
These lucky cats are painted by hand, and cast in smooth dark or white chocolate. Hidden inside each cat is a fortune printed on edible paper for you to discover. Available here in dark and here in white.

Matcha Bar

Matcha, or powdered green tea leaves, has been drunk in Japan for almost 1000 years and was originally created by Buddhist monks. It is known as the rarest and finest of all the Japanese green teas and is full of antioxidants. We have carefully blended a premium grade matcha from Kyoto with creamy white chocolate to produce a 50g matcha chocolate bar – bright green in colour but entirely natural, from the matcha. The fresh earthiness of the matcha cuts through the sweetness of the white chocolate, giving you a refreshing treat. Available from our shop here.

Passionfruit Caramels
Some of you may know that I have a penchant for that heavenly marriage of passionfruit and caramel. The tangy and the sweet all loved up in one delicious morsel. Now available is a new incarnation of this pairing in the form of a soft caramel. It is slightly chewy, but melts away on your tongue. The fresh passionfruit puree gives it a slight tang and exotic flavour, balanced by the rich butteriness. I can never get enough of these and I’m always left wanting just another taste. Available here. Let us know if there are other caramel flavours we should try – leave a comment below and we’ll send you a sample if we try your idea. Mango? Cinnamon? Raspberry? Cardamom? Ginger?

All these new products are now available on our online shop. I’m always open to new ideas so let me know if there is something else you’d like us to try! Thanks once again to the talented Macnifique for the gorgeous photos.

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New and improved earl grey chocolates

I’ve been a busy chocolatier over this bank holiday weekend! From making lots of ginger truffles (which seem to be our current bestseller), to devising new recipes (watch this space!), to giving old favourites a makeover. This is a new and improved old favourite. Kokopelli’s rustic earl grey truffle has been transformed into a chic bonbon, complete with pretty pink design and a revamped recipe.

earl grey chocolate

The ganache inside has been infused with earl grey tea, and made with a milk chocolate that boasts subtle caramel notes. The ganache is enrobed in a dark milk chocolate (50% cocoa solids) – our own special blend. This delicate chocolate is the perfect complement to afternoon tea.

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Chocolate mint tea

I picked up this treasure on a trip to the Netherlands over the weekend to celebrate Koninginnedag, (Queen’s Day) with our Dutch friends. What a fantastic national holiday! Can’t really imagine something similar happening in the UK for our Lizzie…

On the much-anticipated trip to the supermarket to pick up goodies to bring home, we headed straight for the tea aisle. I love the variety of herbal teas and infusions in Holland. This one immediately caught my eye: Chocolate and mint. Confusingly, most of the box is in English, but the ingredients list isn’t. My very limited translation skills tell me that the ingredients are tea, green rooibos, peppermint, flavourings, liquorice, pieces of cacao bean (guessing this means cocoa nibs).

My companions are somewhat sceptical when I drop the box in the trolley. However, I really like it. It gives an intoxicating chocolatey aroma. The earthiness of the tea matches well with the earthiness of the cocoa nibs, and a subtle sweetness is provided by the liquorice. The mint adds a freshness that lightens the drink. It’s really refreshing actually. I might have to ask my lovely friends to send some more…

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Earl grey truffles

I made these after several friends suggested them. Earl grey seems to be a popular flavour, and why wouldn’t it be, with its sweet citrus aroma and comforting tea taste.

The truffles are quite soft in the middle, so had to be double-dipped to ensure the earl grey centre is properly encased in a protective chocolate shell. The flavour is delicate, presenting itself more towards the end. It’s difficult to get a strong flavour with tea ganaches. I enjoyed making these so much – from making a strong brew, to forming balls of ganache, to hand-rolling these and getting very messy in the process… The truffles came out rather bigger than I’d intended, but in my book that’s no bad thing 🙂

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