Limited edition chocs SS15

We have been busy in the kitchen lately, squeezing our creative juices to bring you a whole slew of new chocolate flavours. Mixing, blending, whisking, zesting, testing and tasting our way through many recipes to bring you this ultimate collection for Spring/Summer 2015.

It would be my pleasure to introduce them to you.

Muscovado Vanilla Fudge

Draped in dark chocolate and decorated with a wave, this fudge is made with deep, dark muscovado sugar and real vanilla beans. It’s forgivingly soft but has a little grit for you to get your teeth into.

Jasmine Tea

Dark chocolate ganache infused with premium jasmine tea, and dipped in dark chocolate. A pale green swirl on the top finishes the piece.


A dark ganache infused with the fresh, bright flavour of lemongrass. It is dipped in dark chocolate and decorated with yellow cocoa butter speckles.


This ganache is something special – made using caramelised white chocolate and white shiro miso, it brings a little ‘umami’ to the collection. It’s salty and sweet and caramelly all at once. It’s dipped in a not-very-sweet white chocolate and decorated with a snakeskin pattern lightly brushed with golden lustre.


This ganache is made from dark chocolate and our very own homemade ruby grapefruit marmalade. There are tiny slivers of peel hidden inside for texture variation. It is dipped by hand in dark Madagascan chocolate and decorated with orange zest crumbs.

PB Crunch

Doubly crunchy, this peanut praline benefits from pieces of roasted peanut and crispy feuilletine wafers. It is enrobed in milk chocolate and garnished with Maldon sea salt for good measure.

You can get your hands on a box containing these very limited edition chocolates here. Enjoy!

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Chickens, eggs and nests – must be Easter!

I think Spring is my favourite time of year. It’s full of a welcome warmth, sunshine and pretty new things like flowers. And fresh chocolates.

We’ve been busy here dreaming up new confections for you to celebrate Spring and Easter this year.

Left to right: Malted Milk Egg, Dark Banana Hen, Almond Rocher ‘Nest’, Honeycomb Hen, Speculoos Egg

Malted milk egg
A 40% milk chocolate mini egg, painted by hand with Kokopelli’s signature turquoise-coloured cocoa butter, and filled with a malted milk ganache and wafer pieces

Dark banana hen
A gorgeous little dark chocolate hen, painted by hand and flecked with cocoa butter, filled with freeze-dried banana pieces

Almond rocher ‘nest’
Caramelised, roasted almond slices mixed with milk chocolate and a touch of sea salt

Honeycomb hen
A cute handpainted milk chocolate chicken filled with tiny pieces of honeycomb

Speculoos egg
A handpainted dark chocolate mini egg, filled with a milk chocolate speculoos ganache (speculoos are spiced Belgian biscuits – very Eastery and very delicious)

The Easter Collection is available from our online shop now – and very much limited edition, so place your order soon!

We have gone all out and also made some ‘fried eggs’ for those with a sweet tooth – the yolk is filled with a lemon fondant. Also available on the shop here.

And finally, we’re doing Easter eggs again this year, in dark, milk and white chocolate, all hand-decorated with splashes of coloured cocoa butter. These eggs are available for collection only (please get in touch to arrange).

Happy Easter!

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Love is in the air ♥

The day of love and affection is almost upon us, so what better time to present Kokopelli’s 2013 Valentine’s Collection? Three new flavours have been created specially for this amorous day, and one of our old favourites thrown in for good measure.

Our special Valentine’s Collection contains flavour combinations inspired by human relationships. The flavours correspond to a wide range of emotions and quirks – there’s sweet and tangy passionfruit caramel, smoky and inviting black cardamom, fiery cayenne pepper, comforting roasted hazelnut, sour cherry and sweet almond. All combined with smooth, meltingly delicious Valrhona couverture.

From left to right:
Passionfruit Caramel
Brought back by popular demand, this liquid caramel is sweet and tangy, infused with fresh passionfruits, within a fruity dark shell.

Morello Cherry with Amaretto
Inside this cocoa pod shell hides a soft centre made from morello cherries, with a touch of Amaretto to enhance the flavour.

Roasted Hazelnut
A classic favourite, this white chocolate shell is filled with roasted hazelnuts and milk chocolate, complemented by a touch of sea salt.

Smoky Black Cardamom and Cayenne Pepper
Smooth milk chocolate ganache infused with smoky, earthy black cardamom and a hint of cayenne pepper to tickle your throat, enrobed in dark chocolate and decorated with spiky red lines. My personal favourite because it’s a little unusual.

Each Valentine’s box comes with a beautiful, thick menu card to help you choose which chocolate to eat first.

We also have brand new notepaper on which we can include a handwritten message to your sweetheart (complimentary, of course!). Isn’t it lovely? There’s nothing like fresh, crisp headed notepaper. Yes, clearly I’m one of those that gets excited about stationery.

If you don’t want your Valentine’s chocolates to be sent straightaway, you can place your order now and specify in the order notes section at checkout when you would like them sent. It’s the perfect gift to impress your loved one, or an even better treat for yourself.

Kokopelli’s Valentine’s Collection is available to order at our online shop here.

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Happy New Year chocolovers! Here’s to a successful and joyful 2013 for us all.

I love florentines, especially at this time of year. They get me into the festive winter spirit, with their dried fruits and nuts, sticky sweetness and warm colours. This year, I decided to make florentine mini-bites, or as I’ve newly named them, florentinies.

These are chewy and a bit soft in the middle, filled with soft dried figs, stem ginger, currants, dried apricots, citrus peel, blackcurrants and toasted almonds.

They’ve been given the finishing touch with a glossy spread of dark chocolate.

25g butter
75g brown sugar
6g flour
75ml crème fraîche
70g flaked almonds, toasted
1 stem ginger ‘nut’, finely chopped
70g mixed dried fruit of your choice
Tempered dark chocolate, as needed

Pre-heat oven to 180°C. Heat together butter, sugar and flour over a medium flame, stirring continuously. When all melted, add crème fraîche and stir well. Mix in all other ingredients. Spoon out into a silicone muffin tin for uniform pieces. Bake for 15 minutes until golden brown and bubbling, then transfer to a cooling rack. When cool, spread with melted, tempered chocolate and leave for a few minutes to set. Yum yum!

Makes around 15 florentinies. Store for several days in an airtight container, or even better, invite some friends over to eat them up immediately!

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Peanut butter pralines

I have been wanting to make these for months. And finally, I have done it. This was the most popular flavour choice in a recent survey I carried out (which many of you kindly answered), so it is satisfying to see it (and taste it!) realised.

I am having a bit of a colour splurge lately, as the nights darken more quickly and the skies turn a little greyer every day. So these lovely domes have a swirl of royal blue around their curves – somehow peanut butter made me think of blue – probably some clever marketing has brainwashed me. Let me know if you think of what it could be…

The shell of these chocolates is made from a smooth, rich, hearty couverture, while the praline centre is soft, peanut buttery and made with a gentle milk chocolate boasting mild malty notes. The sea salt within the peanut butter really brings the flavours to life.

I think this chocolate will complete the Kokopelli collection for now – of course I will always experiment with new flavours, especially seasonal ones, but this makes the set of our first complete collection. To see the other flavours within this range, have a look at our chocolates. Oh, and appreciate our new pictures on the site 🙂

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Sesame and honey chocolates

Inspired by the Middle East (and the sunnier weather we are supposed to enjoy in June), these sesame honey chocolates transport you to more exotic climes as they melt on your tongue.

Each one has a milk chocolate centre blended with sesame seed paste and the robust, distinctive taste of Scottish heather honey. The thin dark chocolate coating complements the richness of this chocolate. Topping it all off, the toasted seeds add another sesame dimension to the flavour profile.

This one’s got character – it’s headstrong but refined and elegant.

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Market stall

It was a swelteringly hot but enjoyable day at the Ritherdon Road street party. It was great talking to the friendly people of Balham, getting feedback and generally enjoying the relaxed, summery atmosphere. There was even a local ukulele band! The best bit though was watching people’s faces as they tried a salted caramel for the first time, or tasted an earl grey chocolate, or marvelled at the combination of chocolate with lime as it melted in their mouths.

My gooey fudgey bites went down a treat with both kids and adults (recipe here). They were the first thing we sold out of – so fast, in fact, that there was no time to take a picture. I must admit I snuck one or two for breakfast while we were setting up. They are a little bit irresistible.

Here’s me and the stall just before the day kicked off:

And here are some of the new products I developed in the run up:

Chocolate-covered toasted almonds, rolled in golden caster sugar

Chocolate lollipops (left to right: dark chocolate and ginger, dark chocolate and cocoa nibs, dark chocolate with golden beads, white chocolate with black cherries and cocoa nibs, milk chocolate with golden beads, dark chocolate with purple glitter)

Chocolate bars (milk chocolate with toasted sesame and ginger, dark chocolate with sea salt, white chocolate with black cherries and cocoa nibs, dark chocolate with caramelised toasted almonds)

We also had a selection of truffles and chocolates including ginger truffles, earl grey chocolates, hazelnut and sea salt hearts, lime chocolates, raspberry chocolates, mint creams and sea salt caramels. The sea salt caramels were the bestsellers – I think personal taste will dictate the popularity of the others, but who could turn down a sea salt caramel?

Big thanks goes to everyone who helped out or came down to support Kokopelli’s!

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Roasted hazelnut and sea salt chocolates

Can you tell I had fun designing and making these? I was always one for beautiful colours. I think they look rather regal, with their lilac and golden hues.

Inside is a special ganache – roasted hazelnuts, caramelised white chocolate and a pinch of sea salt to balance the sweetness and to complement the nuts. Wait a minute – caramelised white chocolate? Yup, that’s right: the white chocolate itself has been caramelised. This is a most magical process, where the chocolate turns from a creamy white to a golden colour. While this is happening, it begins to look grainy and awful until you gently stir it, coaxing it back to silken beauty.

This ganache is smooth and really quite hazelnutty, so if that’s your thing, then this is the chocolate for you.

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Toasted coconut and white chocolate truffles

If you like coconut, you will love these. Made from white chocolate, coconut milk, toasted dessicated coconut and honey, these sweet treats are rounded off with a thin coating of dark chocolate to balance the sweetness of the centre. They are a little chewy and remind me of a Bounty bar.


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Bakewell tart chocolate truffles

This was my first attempt at a layered chocolate truffle. As part of my chocolate studies, I’m currently developing my 5 ‘signature chocolates’. There must be one of each of the following centres: a cream ganache, a butter ganache or fudge, a fondant or layered centre (one layer pate de fruit, one layer ganache), a caramel, and a nut-based centre (can be layered with another filling).

This chocolate truffle is to fulfil the nut-based centre specification. And it’s also a rise to the challenge from Anna, who has been asking me to make this since I started the course. It is inspired by the Great British Bakewell Tart. There’s a layer of raspberry ganache, topped by a caramelised toasted almond gianduja, and a layer of almond paste, all wrapped up in chocolate.

There were many steps in the process of making these.

First, I made a raspberry puree by boiling down raspberries with sugar, and reducing them by half to get a concentrated flavour. This became one of the two essential ingredients in the dark chocolate raspberry ganache.

Next, I toasted the almonds, caramelised some sugar and made almond brittle. This was pulverised into a yummy caramel crunchy nutty paste, and mixed with melted chocolate – half white, half milk. Mmm-mm. This is the gianduja layer.

I layered the two together – pouring first the raspberry ganache, trying to make it as even as possible, letting it set, then smoothing the nutty gianduja on top, followed by the almond paste. I flipped the whole thing over and applied a chablon to the bottom, which is a thin layer of chocolate to enable you to hold the chocolate on the dipping fork, and also to ensure that there is a sufficient layer of chocolate on the bottom of the truffle. This huge slab of yum was cut, hand-dipped in tempered milk chocolate, and decorated with a little flick of the dipping fork.

And finally, the finished article!

It is, I think, quite Bakewelly. I hope I have done the Tart justice. The almond paste comes through well, in a sort of marzipan way, the raspberry ganache is tart and fruity, and the caramelised almond gianduja gives the whole thing sweetness and a bit of a crunch which reminds me of pastry crust.

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