Summer florals

Summer has well and truly made her appearance! To celebrate the warmer weather and the colours and flavours of summer, we’ve created two new floral chocolates. Lavender chocolates
Lavender reminds me of childhood holidays over the border in France, where it is abundant in the summer and gorgeously fragrant. Here, we are evoking that lovely essence with a lightly lavender-infused dark chocolate ganache, decorated with a delicate little lavender bud.

elderflower chocs 3 smElderflower chocolates
These chocolates are made with a white chocolate ganache infused with dried elderflowers, which give a different aroma to fresh ones. It’s a bit stronger and more intense – less sweet. These chocolates make me think of lazy summer afternoons in the sun, just soaking up those golden rays. To keep that delicate flower fragrance at the fore, these ganaches are enrobed in white chocolate and decorated with a little of the dried flowers they are infused with.

Both these delights can be found for a limited time only in our Summer Chocolates box, alongside a beautifully fresh raspberry pate de fruit (vegetarian real fruit jelly).

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