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Sea salt mou

Mou is a fancy French term for a soft, yet firm caramel (it actually means ‘soft’ in French). One that you can pick up and hold, yet still sink your teeth into with ease.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been asked to make some chocolates for a big family event next week, for 150 people. Wowzers. Everyone loves caramel, right? And sea salt caramels are pretty hot right now, so I thought a sea salt mou would be a good choice as one of the flavours.

It took two attempts to get the caramel right, but that was purely because on my first try I forgot to put the thermometer in the pan right at the beginning, and you can’t just stick it in half-way through cooking when you’re at 100°C+ – the shock would kill my poor thermometer (not to mention the leaking mercury…). Still, that first batch made a nice rich caramel sauce, lots of it 🙂

So here they are, my successful second batch. They are covered in a milk chocolate from Costa Rica (which has complementary caramel notes), decorated with a tiny pinch of sea salt and a wave. I had a lot of fun dipping and decorating these – there’s something really satisfying about putting the final touch to your work.

These little moux are soft, sweet, salty, chewy, melty and a little mellow. Everything you could want in a caramel.

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8 comments on “Sea salt mou

  1. You’ve done it again! The photos you keep posting of your delicious-looking bonbons are, themselves, too delicious, and therefore very distracting. Perhaps they should come with a warning: “Viewers are warned that the following pictures contain flash photography and / or highly tempting & visually exciting digital reproductions. Chocophiles of a susceptive nature should only view them from a distance of at least 10 metres”.

    • Thanks Dom! I’m definitely going to have to make another batch – I’ve had lots of requests for samples but I have to save these for a big family function this weekend! However, I might be able to stash away a sneaky few for a couple of lucky people… hopefully the guests won’t notice they’ve been shortchanged 😉

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