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Chocolate mint tea

I picked up this treasure on a trip to the Netherlands over the weekend to celebrate Koninginnedag, (Queen’s Day) with our Dutch friends. What a fantastic national holiday! Can’t really imagine something similar happening in the UK for our Lizzie…

On the much-anticipated trip to the supermarket to pick up goodies to bring home, we headed straight for the tea aisle. I love the variety of herbal teas and infusions in Holland. This one immediately caught my eye: Chocolate and mint. Confusingly, most of the box is in English, but the ingredients list isn’t. My very limited translation skills tell me that the ingredients are tea, green rooibos, peppermint, flavourings, liquorice, pieces of cacao bean (guessing this means cocoa nibs).

My companions are somewhat sceptical when I drop the box in the trolley. However, I really like it. It gives an intoxicating chocolatey aroma. The earthiness of the tea matches well with the earthiness of the cocoa nibs, and a subtle sweetness is provided by the liquorice. The mint adds a freshness that lightens the drink. It’s really refreshing actually. I might have to ask my lovely friends to send some more…

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