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“Steph’s current collection comprises chocolates made with fresh, quality ingredients in a jewel-like assortment of impressive shapes, colours and flavours… There’s skill and dedication here, sensed it in the way Steph is striving for visual impact as well as originality and excellence.”
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portrait“This is an astonishingly good selection; it’s refreshing to find such a confident use of flavours paired with clear skill in how to work with them. I’ll certainly be buying them again for gifts and, rather more likely, my own greedy indulgence.”
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“I was so intrigued by the peanut butter praline, that I just had to try this one first. No mistaking the peanut butter here, it tasted of Whole Earth peanuts without the vast quantities of sugar and salt found in so many brands – these tasted freshly roasted. The dark chocolate casing was just what was needed to support the robust flavour.”
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portrait“I was particularly impressed by the Clementine Pate de Fruit, a clear and aromatic square of beautifully made citrus jelly. I am also truly enamoured by the Nutmeg Caramel. The caramel notes of the chocolate marry perfectly with an excellent buttery caramel rich in the warm spice.”
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peanut butter pralines“Kokopelli’s is a wonderful example of how the Creator can be brought to life through great branding. All Kokopelli’s products are handmade & fresh, so the addition of one-off products adds complexity & cost of production but significantly enhances the brand’s energy & freshness.”
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portraitSteph is interviewed for Startup Mavericks, which approaches “entrepreneurs who are visibly on fire for what they’re doing, who are blazing a trail through their chosen sector on their own terms, in their own unique way and carving out a successful niche that is theirs and theirs alone”.
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Our fortune-telling cats were featured in Perfect Wedding magazine, Issue 100, November 2014


The talented PLAYMYMEDIA made us a short and sweet video showcasing our stall at The London Chocolate Festival in December 2012:

A short documentary about Kokopelli’s: