About Our Chocolates

Fresh Artisan Chocolates

Our chocolates are fresh, meaning we use fresh cream, butter, fruit and herbs. We do not use preservatives or other unnatural ingredients, so our chocolates have a limited shelf life and are best consumed within 2 weeks of receiving them (if you can resist that long). The difference to mass-produced chocolates, which are designed to sit on shelves for months, is evident in the taste – Kokopelli’s fresh, handmade chocolates have a much cleaner, brighter flavour and superior texture.
lavender chocs

How To Store Your Chocolates

Chocolate is sensitive to heat, humidity and light. To keep your chocolates at their best, please store them in a cool, dry, dark place away from strong smells. They are best kept at room temperature rather than in the fridge, to protect their flavour and texture, and to prevent bloom.