My ‘YES’ moment

I just had one of those ‘YES’ moments.

I was in Cocoa Bijoux this morning, delivering another batch of ginger truffles to be sold in the shop. I’d handed over the chocolatey goods and was quietly sampling a couple of new products at the small table near the door, while I waited for the customers to be served.

A young couple walked in and made straight for the counter. “Have you got any of your ginger truffles in? I’ve heard about them, I read a great article about them somewhere.”

Stuart, the lovely owner of this beautiful little treasure chest of a chocolate shop, replied, “We’ve just had another delivery of them, but I haven’t yet put them out. They’re our bestsellers.” He threw me a sly look that was the equivalent of a knowing wink as I grinned to myself, thrilled, at the back of the shop.

‘YES’, I thought, this is what it’s all about.

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Market stall

It was a swelteringly hot but enjoyable day at the Ritherdon Road street party. It was great talking to the friendly people of Balham, getting feedback and generally enjoying the relaxed, summery atmosphere. There was even a local ukulele band! The best bit though was watching people’s faces as they tried a salted caramel for the first time, or tasted an earl grey chocolate, or marvelled at the combination of chocolate with lime as it melted in their mouths.

My gooey fudgey bites went down a treat with both kids and adults (recipe here). They were the first thing we sold out of – so fast, in fact, that there was no time to take a picture. I must admit I snuck one or two for breakfast while we were setting up. They are a little bit irresistible.

Here’s me and the stall just before the day kicked off:

And here are some of the new products I developed in the run up:

Chocolate-covered toasted almonds, rolled in golden caster sugar

Chocolate lollipops (left to right: dark chocolate and ginger, dark chocolate and cocoa nibs, dark chocolate with golden beads, white chocolate with black cherries and cocoa nibs, milk chocolate with golden beads, dark chocolate with purple glitter)

Chocolate bars (milk chocolate with toasted sesame and ginger, dark chocolate with sea salt, white chocolate with black cherries and cocoa nibs, dark chocolate with caramelised toasted almonds)

We also had a selection of truffles and chocolates including ginger truffles, earl grey chocolates, hazelnut and sea salt hearts, lime chocolates, raspberry chocolates, mint creams and sea salt caramels. The sea salt caramels were the bestsellers – I think personal taste will dictate the popularity of the others, but who could turn down a sea salt caramel?

Big thanks goes to everyone who helped out or came down to support Kokopelli’s!

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