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Soma: The Triad review

This slim, dainty chocolate bar was brought back all the way from Canada. It’s made by Soma, a wonderful artisan chocolate maker based in Toronto. They carefully source their beans, transforming them in microbatches into intoxicating chocolate.

The bar I’m lucky enough to have my mitts on is called Black Science: The Triad, and as you can see, it’s a blend of 3 different beans from Peru, Papua New Guinea and the Dominican Republic. The packaging is unusual – you don’t often see chocolate sold in foil pouches like this.

I dove right in. This chocolate is a stealthy one – it looks fairly unassuming but boy does it give a punch!

Starting with the snap, it’s very clean and breaks loudly with confidence.
Next up, the aroma. Very earthy, almost mushroomy, savoury, a bit umami, with a dark brown sugar sweetness.
Taste: fruity, with a berry acidity and sharpness reminding me of redcurrants, earthy roundness, jasmine, hint of banana, a woodsyness.
A very smooth mouthfeel.
Finish – A bit dry in the mouth, savoury aftertaste, long lasting.

This chocolate is gorgeous and I keep finding myself reaching for more. At just 25g, it’s a bit of a tease because it’s so seductive. It’s clear that a lot of thought and energy has gone into producing this chocolate, from selecting the beans for pairing to carefully refining it for the most intense flavour profile. This bar has attitude. They describe it as ‘gangsta’ on the packaging – I can’t think of a better word.

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