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Raspberry truffles

I’ve been daydreaming about eating one of these for a while… A white chocolate shell with a dark raspberry centre.

The lessons learned from last time came in handy here – the chocolates turned out of their moulds much more readily and without any bloom. Making this batch taught me that when using more than one chocolate in the shell (here, pink and white), the moulds must be vibrated even more than usual to release all those pesky air bubbles. There are only a few tiny ones caught in some of these 🙂

Mm, the tangy dark raspberry centre is well balanced by the sweet white chocolate. I enjoyed one (or two, or three…) of these for elevenses. Yum.

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4 comments on “Raspberry truffles

  1. These were really well-balanced and I don’t even like white chocolate! But I felt that it soothed the richness of the raspberry ganache. And they’re easy on the eyes too!

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