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Peanut butter pralines

I have been wanting to make these for months. And finally, I have done it. This was the most popular flavour choice in a recent survey I carried out (which many of you kindly answered), so it is satisfying to see it (and taste it!) realised.

I am having a bit of a colour splurge lately, as the nights darken more quickly and the skies turn a little greyer every day. So these lovely domes have a swirl of royal blue around their curves – somehow peanut butter made me think of blue – probably some clever marketing has brainwashed me. Let me know if you think of what it could be…

The shell of these chocolates is made from a smooth, rich, hearty couverture, while the praline centre is soft, peanut buttery and made with a gentle milk chocolate boasting mild malty notes. The sea salt within the peanut butter really brings the flavours to life.

I think this chocolate will complete the Kokopelli collection for now – of course I will always experiment with new flavours, especially seasonal ones, but this makes the set of our first complete collection. To see the other flavours within this range, have a look at our chocolates. Oh, and appreciate our new pictures on the site 🙂

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