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Passionfruit caramels

I first heard of flavoured caramels back in 2008, when I completed a short work experience placement at Melt. Part of my interview was to identify the flavours in a number of their products (labels hidden!). One of these was a soft, buttery, chewy passionfruit caramel, wrapped simply and beautifully in light brown wax paper and twisted at the ends. I didn’t guess the passionfruit flavour correctly but it was the start of a little love affair with the sweet.

So I apprehensively committed myself to making a passionfruit caramel chocolate. I wanted this one to be quite liquid and a bit gooey. It was 🙂

It’s a great feeling knowing that I’ve come such a long way in a matter of months. And making these was no exception to the learning curve. After my raspberry truffles came out with little air bubbles (and a second batch a bit later was worse, even though I vibrated the mould more than usual), I did my reading and learned a great way to avoid this. After applying the yellow and red coloured white chocolate to the insides of the heart mould, I painted each cavity with a very thin coating of tempered chocolate to avoid all air bubbles, before filling and emptying the mould as usual to create shells. It worked a treat – hardly a single air bubble in sight.

However, the shell is just a little too thick on top and a little too thin on the bottom. I’m still working on getting this perfect. It’s tricky because the atmosphere you’re working in affects the way the chocolate behaves, and that’s never constant (temperature, humidity etc).

Still, I’m really pleased with how these came out – colourful, shiny, pretty, smooth. The caramel inside is sweet and tart and fruity. Yum.

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