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My ‘YES’ moment

I just had one of those ‘YES’ moments.

I was in Cocoa Bijoux this morning, delivering another batch of ginger truffles to be sold in the shop. I’d handed over the chocolatey goods and was quietly sampling a couple of new products at the small table near the door, while I waited for the customers to be served.

A young couple walked in and made straight for the counter. “Have you got any of your ginger truffles in? I’ve heard about them, I read a great article about them somewhere.”

Stuart, the lovely owner of this beautiful little treasure chest of a chocolate shop, replied, “We’ve just had another delivery of them, but I haven’t yet put them out. They’re our bestsellers.” He threw me a sly look that was the equivalent of a knowing wink as I grinned to myself, thrilled, at the back of the shop.

‘YES’, I thought, this is what it’s all about.

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