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Mocha chocolates

Apparently this week is UK Coffee Week. Who knew? Anyhow, it inspired me to experiment and create a new chocolate with coffee.

I’ve used a dark chocolate for the shell in my favourite cocoa pod shape, and filled it with a rich coffee-infused milk chocolate ganache. The shell is crisp and the centre very soft and creamy, the dark chocolate perfectly complementing the milky coffee flavours. It’s not too sweet – you really do get a mouthful of coffee here, but the milkiness makes it comforting, mellowing it out. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up chocolate on a Monday morning, or during a long afternoon, this is it!

This is a limited edition chocolate so get yours while they’re hot off the press (so to speak – should that be hob? Hot off the hob?)! Email to place your order now 🙂


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