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Mango and cardamom chocolates

Here’s my take on a pate de fruit and ganache layered chocolate. Pâtes de fruit are fruit jellies, a sophisticated and delectable French confection made with real fruit. They have an intense fruit flavour and are a lot like a set jam, making them worlds away from the more commonplace fruit-flavoured jellies (which, let’s face it, are just sugar shapes with artificial flavours and colours). Happily pâtes de fruit are also vegetarian. The quince sweets I made are an example of such a treat.

I was craving a taste of the exotic when I came up with the flavours to go in this chocolate – I think it was during that very cold week recently after a short spell of warmer weather, and inspired by a mango lassi I enjoyed not long ago. So, here it is – mango pate de fruit, topped with cardamom ganache, enrobed in a dark milky chocolate and decorated with orange-gold flecks.

I was worried that the cardamom wouldn’t be able to stand up to the strong mango flavour, but it actually packed a punch. Yummy. I’ll definitely be making this again, though I might try each on its own next time for single flavours. Still, these two make perfect partners. The different textures work really well together; soft cardamom ganache atop slightly chewy mango. Mm-mmm – a taste of the tropics.

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5 comments on “Mango and cardamom chocolates

  1. Great minds think alike…I’ve just made my mango and cardamom chocolates for a Mother’s Day order! These look lovely, totally different to my white chocolate with a liquid fresh mango and cardamom filling, but I see we both decorated with gold! I’m going to try a pate de fruit soon to start some double layered fillings, hopefully it will turn out as delectable looking as these.

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