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Lime truffles

These truffles have been a few days in the making, with lots of waiting time in between stages. And I’ve been so patient, so good! Sometimes I am so excited by what the end result might be that I rush things and ruin them. Well, not with these.

These are fresh lime truffles, decorated with a thin green swirly pattern. I got a little thrill peeling away the patterned transfer sheets when the chocolates were all set up and ready. I really like the look that transfer sheets give – it makes each chocolate more interesting, gives it more of a personality. That feeling of creating something new, and actually getting it right, is what really pushes my buttons. I’m so excited!

The truffles are tangy, but creamy, with that unmistakeable fresh citrus zing. Yummy.

It’s really important to me to only use fresh, simple ingredients in my chocolates, cooking and baking. Natural and more powerful to do so I think, and it’s well worth the sacrifice of a shorter shelf life.

Lime truffles ingredients: Dark chocolate (64.5%), milk chocolate (35%), single cream, 2 fresh limes, golden caster sugar.

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