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Ginger chocolates – a makeover!

It’s official – the ginger truffles have become ginger triangles.

Although the rustic-looking, beautifully imperfect old style truffles were a firm favourite, the new three-sided ginger choc is definitely an improvement. Don’t they look positively regal on the marble board?

The round truffles, with their thin milk chocolate shell didn’t travel very well; milk chocolate is softer than dark, meaning it’s easier to break, especially going through the rough and tumble of our good old Post Office. So, they now have a sturdier triangular shell.

I’ve also given the recipe an uplift. Sadly, though it was delicious, the old recipe had a very short shelf life of just a couple of weeks. This just isn’t practical. All of Kokopelli’s chocolates have a relatively short shelf life (certainly compared to mass-produced chocolates) of around one month, due to their fresh ingredients. Now, the new ginger triangle can join them. I refuse to use artificial preservatives to give shelf life a helping hand, so instead it now has a little butter and a glug of The King’s Ginger, a warming ginger liqueur with a great story. “Rich and zesty, the liqueur was created to stimulate and revivify His Majesty Edward VII during morning rides in his new horseless carriage – a Daimler.”

The chocolates are still studded with tiny pieces of crystallised ginger, within a dark chocolate ginger-infused ganache. They still have their lovely rich milk chocolate shell, and are still crowned with that signature cube of crystallised ginger. They’ve just had a thoughtful makeover and are all the happier for it.

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