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Chocolate aubergine

It’s not every day you hear those two words strung together. Chocolate. Aubergine. Chocolate aubergine.

But in this case, it’s entirely accurate. I was commissioned to produce a chocolate sculpture for the food charity Gefiltefest that I am involved with.
I opted to use their logo, the aubergine, for the sculpture. It is true to size, as big as a healthy, voluptuous aubergine. This is solid Valrhona chocolate, almost 3kg of it, coaxed by hand into that lovely curvy shape aubergines have. The finishing touches are the charity logo piped in white chocolate, a chocolate base for the aubergine to rest on, and strokes of green and purple painted on with cocoa butter for a more realistic veggie look.

The lucky recipient seemed very pleased with his gift:

Many thanks for the truly astonishing chocolate aubergine – it is a work of art that will be eagerly devoured (though it seems a shame to eat it rather than embalm it)!

If you would like to chat to us about commissioning a chocolate sculpture, please get in touch.

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