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Blackcurrant triangles

This summer is supposed to be all about Britishness, right? So without being overly patriotic, I’ve opted for a summer blackcurrant flavour for this month’s new chocolate. Significant blackcurrant cultivation in the UK began during WWII, when fruits rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, became scarce. The government encouraged the growth of blackcurrants as an alternative VitC source, and it has remained a popular British flavour ever since.

These chocolate triangles contain a very smooth white chocolate ganache centre, blended with blackcurrants and crème de cassis, topped with blackcurrant compote. Isn’t the purple colour gorgeous?

The compote gives that unmistakeable blackcurrant tang, contrasting with the creamy centre. It finishes with a bit of texture from the fruit in the compote and a pleasing cocoa taste from the dark milk chocolate enrobing.

Each chocolate has been given a light dusting of purple and pink chocolate shavings, adding a flash of colour to match what’s inside.

I have also decided to finally take up the We Should Cocoa challenge (hosted by Chocolate Teapot and Chocolate Log Blog), after years of reading other food bloggers’ entries. This month’s special ingredient, blackcurrants, was particularly inspiring since it’s a seasonal ingredient, and I’ve rarely used them before.

So, here’s my entry and the recipe for blackcurrant triangle chocolates:

Make blackcurrant butter ganache by mixing together 120g best quality unsalted butter at room temperature, with 130g blackcurrant compote (made by boiling down blackcurrants with sugar to taste until a jam-like consistency is reached). When smooth, gradually add in 300g tempered white chocolate, mixing as you go. Stir in 35g crème de cassis, pour into a frame and leave to set for at least an hour.

Spread a thin layer of tempered dark milk chocolate onto the slab. Once the chocolate is almost set, cut into triangles with a sharp knife. With the chocolate on the bottom of each triangle, pipe a little dab of compote on top of each ganache triangle. Now comes the really tricky part: dip the triangles in the tempered dark milk chocolate without the compote falling off! Sprinkle with shavings of coloured chocolate and leave to set. Et voila!

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10 comments on “Blackcurrant triangles

    • Thanks Tali – the blackcurrant compote on top is my favourite part of this chocolate, fruity and tangy. Mm.

  1. Oh you make it sound so easy. I still haven’t mastered tempering yet, but as I’ve finally got myself a thermometer I might get better at it. These look wonderful and I suspect taste delicious. I really like the tart blackcurrant to combined with sweet white chocolate – an excellent combination.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words Choclette! Tempering just takes a lot of patience and a little practice – let me know how it goes!

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